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Dear our colleagues,

We are proud to celebrate 25th year of Cenay Group of Companies in 2002. We, Cengiz GÜLDAMLASI and Aytaç GÜLDAMLA founded CENAY CONSTRUCTION Company, that is the nucleus of the Cenay Group of Companies, in 1977 to operate in the field of Telecommunication and Electricity Networks. We confronted many difficulties together. After foundation, new people, the new members of our family, our new partners took their place in the senior staff and other management positions.

Today, we have many companies operating in different sectors including Telecommunication, Construction, Electricity, Cable, Internet Service, Media, Foreign Trade etc. in many countries including Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bulgaria and Austria and we have a capacity to compete in international markets. This was never an easy job. Problems, new attempts in new sectors, new concepts.... We of course had some inspirations: Expanding further as a technologic and dynamic group and gain the capacity to compete in international markets, "to meet the requirements of tomorrow's information society as much as we can", to serve our country and our nation. We owe this success to our valuable managers, partners, technical and administrative staff.

Today, CENAY GROUP OF COMPANIES want to increase their market share, to expand in the international arena as a dynamic group constantly following and creating technology, to expand their operations in Turkey also, to make new investments and thereby employ more people. We trust in our employees and their dynamism. The future is inspiring and we are ready for that.

We hereby once more appreciate contributions of our entire colleagues who have so far struggled side by side with us and say hello to new projects & technologies and to our all colleagues.